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League Rules



Adopted at the AGM 7th December 2011

Amended at the AGM 4th December 2012

Amended at the AGM 11th November 2015 (amended 3.ii)

Amended at the AGM 6th November 2019


1.. The Fixture Secretary will endeavour to have fixtures available by 31st December each year for the following season.


2.i. Each club will play all clubs in their respective divisions once at home and once away. Three triples from each club will participate, each triple playing eighteen ends, having played two trial ends. 

THREE LADY players must be included in each side of NINE players with a minimum of ONE player of each GENDER in each triple, there being no restriction to more than three ladies in a team if required. Failure to include 3 ladies will incur a penalty of 1 point for missing 1 lady, 2 points for missing 2 ladies and 3 points for missing 3 ladies.


2.ii Ten Points will be available for each game played. 2 Points for each individual rink won. 4 Points for a game won overall. Should a team or side draw, the points will be shared.


3.i All games will be scheduled to commence at 6.15 pm, latest start time 6.30 pm. If all are present before this time the game can commence. 

If a player is absent 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, (6.15 pm), the match will proceed with the default triple playing with 2 players using 7 woods, 4 by the lead and 3 by the skip. The opposing triples 1 & 2 will play with 2 woods each and the skip will use 3 woods, At the end of the game 25% of the default triples shots are deducted from their score. When a player is taken ill or injured during the game, then the score of the ends played by the 3 players will stand, then 25% of the remaining ends to be played by the pair will be deducted and then added to the score of the 3 players to give a final score for that rink.


3.ii Any club side failing to turn up on the pre-determined date of a Weald League fixture will (a) Forfeit the 10 match points, together with 15 shots to the club honouring the fixture.

(b) Have 5 match points deducted from their own current points total. 

It is the responsibility of each Weald or Club Manager to ensure that all matches are well documented and displayed on club notice boards at least one week in advance of play.


4.. No green fees are payable


5.. Each bowls club will honour their fixtures on the days stipulated by the Weald League. The ONLY EXCEPTIONS being:


(A) Insufficient GREEN CAPACITY to play a HOME fixture due to COUNTY MATCHES in which case the fixture shall be REVERSED and played on the SAME DAY ( or within 7 days if the changed venue has only a 4 rink green ) ,


(A.1) By mutual agreement between the two clubs, the date and time of the match can be re-arranged and played by no later than 31st August.

Otherwise the game shall be conceded and 10 Points awarded to the Away side.




(B) Adverse weather conditions that in the opinion of the HOME club has made their green unplayable in which case the HOME club should cancel the game by 4 p.m. and inform the Away Club of their decision not to play due to unsuitable conditions that in their opinion will not improve during the next two hours. This will give both clubs time to inform players of a cancellation. Each club shall then share the points, 5 points to each club, with no shots awarded. No replay is required. 




Only in exceptional circumstances will clubs be allowed to extend non played matches beyond the end of the season, the latest date being the 31st August, after which games not

played will be referred to the committee for adjudication.

If BEFORE a match commences conditions are such that there is doubt that a full game may not be completed, the two Captains may agree that the game is reduced to 12 ENDS which will be recognised by the league as a game completed.

A match abandoned before 12 ends have been completed will be null and void. 5 points to each club with no shots awarded. No replay required.


6.. The Club gaining the most points on the completion of their matches will receive a trophy as decided by the committee, this will apply to all divisions.


7.. The wearing of grey trousers/skirts and white above the waist will be mandatory for all players, except in cases where club colours may be worn. Correct footwear must also be worn.


8.. All bowls must conform to the standards of the World/International Bowls Board.


9.. Only bona-fide members of a club are eligible to participate in League fixtures. The League reserves the right to inspect any club's records should the rights of a league player be in dispute. Such disputes must be made, in writing, to the League Chairman within 14 DAYS of the match being played.


10.. Each club will prepare their own scorecards. The HOME Captain will shuffle his scorecards and lay them face down, the visiting Captain will lay his own scorecards on top, marking the cards with the rink numbers given by the home club in any order of his choice. After the match the Captains will be responsible for checking that the scorecards have been signed by the skips as being correct and that the Result sheet, provided by the Home club, is

completed and signed by both Captains and forwarded to the Fixture Secretary, by post, to arrive no later than Friday a.m. Results can also be phoned in or emailed same day to ensure inclusion in the Weald League Tables of the current week.


11.. Any dispute that may arise during play shall, if possible, be settled by the participating Captains. Failing this it shall be referred to the Emergency Panel whose decision shall be final. Notice in writing of such a dispute must be made to the Chairman of the Weald League within FOURTEEN DAYS, and if found necessary, the Chairman will convene a Disputes Procedure Panel where all aspects of the game in dispute, either in its entirety or part, will be

discussed. The result of a hearing under the Dispute Procedure will be final.


12.. Any club wishing to withdraw a team after playing in the League for a year or beyond shall inform the League Fixture Secretary directly after the league programme has ended for the current year and no later than 31st August so that amendments can be made when arranging new divisions.


The team withdrawn will be the lowest placed team over the entire divisions.